John Choi

Cloud DevOps Engineer

About Me

I'm a highly competent, self-motivated, and results-oriented DevOps engineer with + years experience in both software development and systems engineering. I love to automate mundane common tasks in a DevOps pipeline to free up more time to complete other higher priority tasks. I'm effective in automating processes and increasing the speed of a product delivery. I'm detailed-oriented and a relentless problem-solver.

Specialties include:
• Microsoft Azure Cloud Technologies - Currently certified as a Azure Solution Architect
• Automation Tools (ie. ADO Pipelines, Github, Jenkins, TeamCity, HPOO, BladeLogic, RunDeck, Sitescope)
• Automation Scripting (ie. Terraform, Python, Ansible, Bash, Powershell)
• REST API Development
• Docker & Kubernetes Technologies
• Agile/Scrum Methodologies
• Advanced Linux Administration
• Production Release Engineering Management
• Web Services and Server-Side Development


Navy Federal Credit Union

Principal DevOps Engineer - ISD Cloud Team

• Implemented and delivered ADO YAML Pipelines using ISD Cloud Team's Pipeline Template Framework re-usable library to support Mission Data team.
• Automated Azure Data Factory ARM Template generation with NPM Build to be used within daily deployments. Removed manual effort of generation ARM template in the ADF UI effectively reducing time of deployment.
• Enhanced existing MD pipelines to include automated tasks like Release branching, Retain Pipeline Indefinitely and Release Notes. This saved MD DevOps team many hours of work each week and eliminated human error.
• Provided a new framework to enhance existing classic pipelines to utilize YAML pipelines from Cloud Team's re-usable template repository by using ADO REST API and Project Collection Build Service System.AccessToken.
• Reduced long running ADO Builds and Deployments by decoupling non-essential dependencies and added dependency checks to automatically install missing required software during pipeline runtime in the ADO Task Group.
• Lead Precisely SQData DB2 CDC Ingestion DevOps solution from POC to PROD. Created and implemented new linux-based ADO pipeline using Bash to automate full software installation and configuration.
• Provided SME support for NFCU's SonarQube solution to various teams. Lead vulnerability patches and various issues with development and Sonarsource.


DevOps Engineer / Associate Director - IB / WMA Architecture Teams

• Developed and designed ADO Multi-stage YAML pipelines for Yarn2 and Typescript microservice builds, continuous integration, and Terraform IaC automated deployment.
• Enabled over 12,000 UBS developers on to new Azure Developer Desktop platform in production.
• Automated creation of ADO build agents in order to shorten lead time for key performance load tests.
• Developed and established First Docker Containers in non-prod and production environments for IB Applications.
• Delivered infrastructure setup for non-prod and production environments for internal applications using Docker Enterprise Edition and Pivotal Kubernetes Services (PKS).
• Designed and delivered PKS Kubernetes-enabled server and automated client setup to quickly onboard developers to use. Utilized custom Puppet Module built with Gradle/Maven and Puppet declarative language.
• Lead first large scale 2019 Americas UBS Technology Conference for technologists on new and relevant technologies like Cloud, Machine Learning, Blockchain, AI. Approximately 1,200+ attendees listened to tech speakers from top companies like Microsoft, Pivotal, and ThoughtWorks and Dataiku. Featured Keynote speaker - Martin Fowler (one of the authors of the Agile Manifesto).


Lead Release Engineer - MAS R&D Team

• Successfully lead Docker microservice migration of legacy monolithic applications from proof-of-concept to production deployment. First POC Docker project that went into production within ADP.
• Primary lead for numerous proof-of-concept (POC) development-to-production projects within WorkForceNow (WFN) like Docker (DTR/UCP), Splunk, HPOO and Ansible CI/CD automation.
• Orchestrated and optimized parallel builds through Jenkins and Maven Options for faster continuous integration builds for development environments. Reduced build time by 80% and increased reliability of release process.
• Created Infrastructure as Code automation in Groovy using Jenkins DSL plugin to automate 300+ Jenkins Jobs creation for multiple current releases of Docker artifacts.
• Designed and developed various automated scripts for build, package, deployment and maintenance of many current and legacy ADP products. Proactively created automated pre-checker Jenkins job to check all build configuration and reduced over 90% errors of build issues before they occurred.
• Created multi-threaded python scripts to automate Bitbucket REST API calls to create GIT branches, tags, permission rules, bulk repository checkout to reduce manual intervention and improve efficiency from a manually executed 2 hours duration to 2-3 minute automated script execution.
• Lead off-shore India DevOps team to create HP Orchestration Operations Automated Deployment model-based webservice-based workflow for WorkForceNow (WFN) to deliver software in development and production environments. Provided team leadership and innovative ideas to eliminate manual process as much as possible and added flexibility with single configurable XML configuration file. Production releases reduced from 4 hours (manual) to 1 hour (automated via HPOO).

BAE Systems

Software Engineer II - NS Software Architecture Group

• Designed, implemented, and tested embedded applications written in C++ and CORBA for various Joint Tactical Radio Systems (JTRS) with a 24/7 regression testing system utilizing the CPPUnit Test Framework and Jenkins Regression web software. Applications were compiled and developed for the Green Hills Software (GHS) Integrity real-time operating system in a cross-platform environment.
• Successfully debugged, tested and sold off the AMF JTRS software to Northrop Grumman, satisfying all requirements, and SCA 2.2.2 specifications. Thorough code coverage run-time analysis and static analysis was done as well as in-depth debugging of memory issues (stack/heap), thread creation, teardown and scheduling.
• Designed and implemented the CNIAS JTRS software to provide the various functionality such as launching and tearing down TACAN waveform and LINK16 Mode 4 waveform, supporting Built-in-Test (BIT), maintaining status for all four red and black channels, and supporting Key Tag management capability.
• Created an effective and efficient JTEL JTAP Certification testing environment using Linux server with proper DNS setup, kernel images with NFS file system mount points to reduce file duplication, and a JTEL NAND setup script where implementations of various XSLT, PHP, and other Linux scripts that provides a completely new software radio setup for JTAP-based testing created from released versions of MIDS-JTRS production code.

Northrop Grumman Corporation

Software Engineer – EWS R&D Team

• Designed, implemented and tested a Net-centric Environment Initiative through the use of Service-Oriented Architectures and Open-Source Software in a .NET framework environment. Developed and maintained a variety of web services using the following: C++ Apache HTTP Server, Axis, Xerces, and Xalan. Product developed under accelerated schedule with extensive unit testing and accessed data through PostgreSQL server.
• Built a client-side Web Service Monitoring Tool using J2SE, WSDL, and jUDDI in order to search for existing Web Services, send and receive SOAP/HTTP messages and display returned results in a Java Swing GUI.
• Successfully designed and implemented a binary file generation Real-Time program using ADA 95, AdaMulti, GNAT, and XML. Adhered to full software development lifecycle in Waterfall methodology.
• Significantly optimized in-house ADA program’s runtime using SAX XML parser by 90%.

Certifications & Education

Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert

Issued March 2022 - Present

Microsoft Azure Certification

Credly Verification Link

AZ-304: Microsoft Azure Architect Design

Issued March 2022 - Present

Microsoft Azure Certification

Credly Verification Link

AZ-303: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies

Issued Nov 2021 - Present

Microsoft Azure Certification

Credly Verification Link

AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

Issued Jan 2021 - Present

Microsoft Azure Certification

Credly Verification Link

Long Island University - C.W. Post

Sept 2005 - May 2008

Masters in Business Administration

Financial Management Association International Membership

SUNY - Stony Brook University

Sept 2000 - May 2004

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Dean's List: 7 semesters


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